Element Talks 2017 – 2 days of inspiration

Element Talks 2016 was my first design conference ever. I was super excited although I wasn’t working as a graphic designer anymore by the time.

The conference was great and I had so much fun, I was really counting days to the Element Talks 2017. The fact that organizers of the conference changed location to Soho Factory, was additional value for me. I’ve never been there but heard so much cool stuff about this industrial location!

Picture created by PAT MIC. Usage approved by Element Talks 2017.

I decided to buy my ticket in the Early Bird price to reduce costs for the whole trip from Szczecin. Fortunately, I hadn’t have to book any rooms in Warsaw. I slept over in my friend’s house.

We came to the Soho Factory really early on the first day, as we weren’t sure if the queues for registration won’t be too big. Coming inside took us about 20 seconds, so I have to say, and it’s about the whole conference — organization of this event was exceptional!

We’ve used the time, left to first lecture, to see all the stand with different products and offers, that were available at the main lounge. I even tried to win some cool stuff from the Allegro stand, but was quite unlucky with a 20 questions quiz about design (13/20).

Fortunately I got super cool notebook with printed dots, which is going to be perfect for some wireframe sketches!

As lectures are the core part of the event, we were pretty excited for it and it has started really, really well. Guys from nuSchool gave a bunch of really practical information every freelancer can use for a work. They were really self-confident on the stage and had a great vibe.

The next great lecture on that day was the one made by Michał Sadkowski from Brand24. It was remarkable, as the tips he was sharing with the audience were really simple to understand. I really loved the fact, that he had a statistic proof of almost each tip. You could feel Michał knows that this stuff makes a difference, and it’s worth to share it with people. I also really admire the connection between Brand24 and customers. The video they send to the new customers is hilarious!

I was really surprised by the quality of Erik Kessels presentation. To be honest, I have never heard about him before, but after some research I knew he may have some really interesting thoughts about design. I absolutely felt in love with the case study of the adverts for the Hans Brick Hotel in Amsterdam.

Picture created by PAT MIC. Usage approved by Element Talks 2017.
Picture created by PAT MIC. Usage approved by Element Talks 2017.
Picture created by PAT MIC. Usage approved by Element Talks 2017.
Picture created by PAT MIC. Usage approved by Element Talks 2017.

The other lectures I really enjoyed were made by Adrian Shaughnessy, Leta Sobierajski and Carola Seybold. I only wish I could see all of the lectures run on the other stage. It’s unfortunate, that the event is running on two different stages, but I understand it would be impossible to squiz so many talks into 2 days on one stage.

The best thing about the Element Talks 2017 is how it is organized.

There are no delays and no changes of the plan in the middle of the event (ok, there was one mistake in printed plans, but I wouldn’t count that).

There was also really nice garden with the food trucks, so no one stayed hungry during the presentations!

Lectures were really well selected, as it was interesting even for people who are not necesserly connected with design on a daily basis.

The only thing that really disappointed me was the lecture run by Mike Monteiro. I won’t lie, my expectations for this talk were really high. I really believed that the title of the talk was misleading on purpose, but it was actually really political, and I don’t think this was the right place for such talk.

This doesn’t change the fact, that the whole event was really, really, really awesome and I can easily say it was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to.

Check out www.elementtalks.com for more information about the conference, and hopefuly see you on Element Talks 2018 (already counting days)!

I’m open for freelance work on your project! If you like the case study let me know! Let’s make something awesome together.

If you would like to work with me on your next or current project, let’s talk about that. I’m open for new projects at the beggining of 2017.