— Case Study is a project made for dentist center from Hamburg. Design for this awesome project was created by Studio Ferdinand.

The main goal was to create fully responsive website with smooth, slightanimations. The website was implemented to WordPress CMS giving client the opportunity to control the content of page. works with HTML5, CSS3 with Sass, JavaScript with jQueryand few additional scripts.

While responsive design is a standard right now, it’s not always obvious UI often needs adjustments!

The big amount of content made us think about best responsive solution for presenting long lists on mobile. We came with SEO-friendly solutions which make mobile experience even better!

We change long listing to small sliders to improve mobile experience

I treat every project individualy and make sure all participants of the project are happy with the outcome.

Thanks to my commitment and good relation with a client throughout the project, I had some really nice feedback after go-live.

It was a pleasure to work with Arek. We did several projects by now and I appreciate that he has always a very high standard for his work. He is very reliable with fast feedback/communication and always meet the deadlines.

Sebastian Schäder
Studio Ferdinand

It was a priority for us to develop website which looks great on high resolution displays

Retina ready website

It was a priority for us to develop website which looks great on high resolution displays. By using few tweaks the images are super sharp, but users without retina displays don’t have to download bigger images. It’s a win-win for both sides.

At first I’ve used the Sass mixin which was changing all the background images from @1x to @2x on retina displays.

Then I changed all existing images from img HTML tag to @2x on retina screens via JavaScript function.

Animated headlines with Animate.css

With help of a great Animate.css, I’ve implemented the animation of all headlines which fades in when they appear in the viewport of the browser.

I’m open for freelance work on your project! If you like the case study let me know! Let’s make something awesome together.

If you would like to work with me on your next or current project, let’s talk about that. I’m open for new projects at the beggining of 2017.