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UI/Web Designer &
Front End Developer

Hi, my name is Arek. I work and live in Szczecin, Poland. I create websites and collaborate with brand and companies from around the world. On a daily basis, I contribute to awesome global projects at Squiz.

Working closely with the Squiz office in London, I’m mostly responsible for implementing new front-end solutions for our clients’ websites.

I’m highly focused on building reusable, efficient code and making it consistent across all browsers and platforms. Working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I deliver modern projects for my clients. Understanding of layout aesthetics and in-depth knowledge of web design helps me to effectively improve User Experience, understand the ideas which come with the project and solve all the additional problems.

Great connection between me and the people I work with always brings positive results!

Being both a designer and front-end developer, I pay a lot of my attention to details during the implementation process. I always try to create the great user experience and interactive content.

I use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create dynamic websites, which are great to use for users. I use the newest standards of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ES6) to implement my projects.

Front End

  • Familiar with HTML, HTML5, Jekyll
  • Using GIT as a version control system in my projects (familiar with Github, GitLab, BitBucket)
  • Funnelback integration
  • Automating workflow with Gulp, Grunt, Bower…
  • Mastering CSS, CSS3, Sass, BEM, animations, RWD
  • Advanced skills in implementation of the Matrix CMS
  • Foundation in JavaScript and jQuery
  • Creating Retina-Ready websites

UI/Web Design

  • Strong knowledge of Photoshop
  • Knowledge of Sketch / Illustrator / Corel Draw
  • Familiar with Zeplin, InVision
  • Familiar with basic concepts of UX analytics (Heatmaps, Feedback Pools, Conversion Funnels)
  • Creating design for web
  • Skilled in print design

Other Skills

  • Native Polish language
  • Fluent English language
  • Experienced with remote work
  • Familiar with Jira and Trello workflows
  • Great teamwork and collaboration skills


I treat every project individualy and make sure all participants of the project are happy with the outcome.

Arkadiusz was embedded in my London team for several weeks, and he was very quickly able to grasp our needs and deliver high-quality front-end solutions to several client projects. I don't think I've seen a front-end developer get up to speed so quickly on a somewhat niche offering (website/enterprise search), or be so receptive to feedback on functionality. I look forward to any opportunity to work with Arkadiusz again, and would gladly recommend him for similar roles.
I was fortunate enough to work with Arek over a number of high profile and complex projects. His passion and technical ability make him an extremely talented developer able to work under pressure. He understands complex problems and provides solutions working well with a team or on his own as the work demands. Highly recommended.
I've worked with Arek on multiple projects and has delivered exceptional results - both in crunch time and working on projects that will shape the future for our online properties. Our team has a diverse product and utilizes cutting edge marketing to deliver information about an elite class training system, so having high quality work has been a great jump forward for our team. I personally recommend Arek for his hard work, dedication, professionalism, and friendliness across the board.
I had the pleasure of working with Arek during my time at Squiz. As well as being extremly passionate and enthusiastic about his work, Arek also has the ability to solve complex problems and blockers on projects, going above and beyond his remit. He is also extremly efficient and quick to deliver to his without comprising quality. I would reccomend Arek for any digital project and hope to work with him again in the future.
Gordon Grace Regional Manager at Funnelback (London, UK)
Simon Havil Head of Production at Squiz UK (London, UK)
Jeffrey Blanchette Senior Full Stack Engineer at Whoop (Boston, USA)
Oliver Gifford Project Manager at Squiz UK (London, UK)

I love to help people become better developers and inspire them to enjoy it as much as I do.

Helping people to develop themselves in any way is an exciting vision for me. For some time I was mentoring unexperienced developers via online platforms as well as running Front End workshops for students in Squiz.

From time to time I try to write articles which may help other people to create better code and enjoy what they do. I highly believe thatgood motivation is the best trigger for success.


At Squiz Summit 2017 I was talking about the website we’ve created in Squiz called — Your Vote Matters. We’ve had some really good results and feedback about it, so we decided to take a moment and talk a little more about the backstage of the whole process of creating the YVM website. We used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Matrix CMS and Funnelback to prepare an amazing experience for users.



Open Source

If you’re still not sure if I’m the right fit for your project, why don’t you leave me your e-mail — I’ll reach out!